CABIP Announces New Partnership with RBC Insurance

Canadian Association of Black Insurance Professionals Announces New Partnership with RBC Insurance

The Canadian Association of Black Insurance Professionals (CABIP) is proud to announce its sponsorship with RBC Insurance – a leading insurer in Canada, that offers a wide range of insurance solutions to individual, business and group clients.

“We are excited to join CABIP and support their advocacy and goal of advancement for Black insurance professionals. Partnering with CABIP aligns with RBC’s strategic priorities of advancing diversity and strengthening inclusion, as well as RBC Insurance’s commitment to expand mentorship and talent development opportunities for Black employees. We are excited for the opportunities that this sponsorship will bring to further support the growth and development of our Black insurance employees.” Nadine Orr, SVP, Pension and Group Solutions and Executive Sponsor of Insurance Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with RBC Insurance as they continue their journey towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace for their employees. In reviewing RBC’s 2022 ESG Performance Report, they acknowledge that they “…still need to do more to further increase representation at the executive level to reach our goals”. Their 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Statement of Performance further highlights the need to increase the representation of Black employees (5% in 2020, 2021 and 2022) within their Canadian workforce. Full transparency – especially through statistics – is vital to the work that both organizations are here to accomplish, and we are looking forward to supporting RBC’s strategic plan in 2024 and beyond.”, said Dionne Bowers, CABIP Co-Founder, Chair.

To learn more about RBC Insurance, visit their website.

The Canadian Association of Black Insurance Professionals (CABIP) is a not-for-profit association advocating for the representation, inclusion, and advancement of Black professionals within the insurance industry.

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